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Why does no one leave Porto!?!

  1. Why does no one leave Porto!?!

    Tried to sign several players from FCP in my PSG save, but not one even listens to a contract offer!

    It really annoys me, and is quite unrealistic as anyone would want to join PSG, but not players from Porto. Happens in other saves too!

    Anyone actually manage to sign a top player from Porto?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by HLG8 View Post
    anyone would want to join PSG
    That's sort of pushing it, don't you think?

  3. I don't want to join PSG.
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  4. How could you turn down dat cash money?

    Seriously though, PSG's budget is ridiculous so it's pretty fun to persuade just about anybody to come play for them.

    By persuade I mean, throw money at them until they sign.

  5. Porto>Paris when it comes to weather. What can you do.

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