Ok do i loan 5pa youth or do i keep in my own youth squad?

  1. Ok do i loan 5pa youth or do i keep in my own youth squad?

    Im currently FCP with almost 5 star coaching in every catagory and maxed youth facilities, im not sure if i should loan my youth players (regens) <19 yrs old or do i keep em in my youth squad with my own training? Is 1st team appearances in other teams better than my training or is my training better than 1st team playing?

    Would love for help on this question from top FM gurus

  2. I tend to max my youth facilities and bring in the best youth coaches then when they are about 19 20 I tend to get my director of football ( Frank Arnesen ) to find them a good club to go out on loan to, I'm not sure if its just me or not but I find that loaning them out into the German league always seems to do them the world of good

  3. Ok, so up until they hit 19 or 20 ish you keep them in your academy and train them how you want them to play, but then you loan them out makes sense

    I just didnt want to be messing myself up if i have amazing youth facilities like FCP do and sending the wonderkids away lol

  4. I let them play through the youth academy then I play them in reserve football and the odd cup game then once there at the age of 19 20 I let them go out for two or three seasons depending on how quick they show progress and wether or not I believe they could break into first team football

  5. if they are really young but really really good, I let them play rotation duty (15-18 y.o.) after that, if they haven't earned 1st team, I send them out on loan.

    Most 15-18 year olds can't earn 1st team positions with me (and I usually start in 3rd league) so I let them chill in U18's/reserves. If these high potential players haven't cracked my bench by 18 years old, they go out on loan.

    My thinking behind this is, if they haven't found their way onto my bench, then they probably aren't good enough for my team. Sending them out on loan builds their reputation and value for later resale value.

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