Do English speaking players find it more difficult to learn foreign languages?

  1. Do English speaking players find it more difficult to learn foreign languages?

    I signed Jack Butland for Monaco two seasons ago and he still doesn't have even a basic knowlege of French which i thought was odd, however, all the players i've signed since have been French speaking so i have nobody to compare it to. Digging a little deeper i looked at PSG and in the same summer they signed an American guy who also hasn't learned any French, they aslo signed Bojan and another guy from Barcelona that summer who are both fluent after two years!

    Having said all this it doesn't seem to be having too much effect as I won the league last season with the best defensive record and Butland winning GK of the year award.

    Anyone got any insight on this?

  2. I've noticed the same as well

  3. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
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    Its usually down to their adaptability attribute (which you cant see), modified by other personality attirbutes (most of which you cant see). I dont think its hardcoded that english speaking players will find it harder, but I will try and find out.

  4. look, i speak english pretty well, and lived in usa for almost a year... here lots of people speak english, but not so much people have been living abroad

    when i listen english spoken people speaking spanish, they all give me a good laugh... english is one of the easiest language in world, far easier than french, german or spanish

    for us, the easiest are portuguese and spanish, maybe french, but english is far easier for us

    most difficult languages i think that are arab, russian, japanese etc...

  5. in my monaco save Bale learned french in 3 years, but messi learned in only 6 months

  6. Quote Originally Posted by matox13 View Post
    in my monaco save Bale learned french in 3 years, but messi learned in only 6 months
    Bale is clearly retarded.

    Seriously I think it depends on how many other players in the squad are fluent in English as well as the language of the home country. So if an English player moves to France he will pick up the language quicker if there are a good number of French players fluent in English.

  7. It would make a lot of sense though. English is ridiculously easy to pick up, it must be an absolute nightmare to learn continental languages when most of the complex gramma concepts don't even exist in your own language.

  8. i was checking on my squad:

    Ocampos, Argentinian (Spanish) Learned in a year
    Messi, 6 months
    Bale, English, 3 years
    Pjanic, speaks lots of languages, needed 6 months for french
    Crisetig, Italiano, learned in a year
    Ter Stegen, Deusch, learned in 18 months
    Nicolai (netherlands regen) learned in 3 years
    Miranda (portuguese regen) 2 years
    Ademilson, portuguese brasileiro, 2 years
    Me (argentian with portuguese second, 1 year) you would be able to put what language you speak, i speak Spanish, Portuguese and English, and im able to understand some of italian and a little bit of deustch
    Stewart (australian regen) 1 year in club, doesnt speak french yet

    all other players only speak french despite having lot of foreign team mates. would be more real that if you team have lots of people that speaks one language they teach it with time to the rest, because they will use that language a lot

    i dont imagine speaking to messi in french, being both argentians, for example, despite both of us speaking french already (in the game)

  9. Looking at my squad, only Nacer Barazite, Jakob Poulsen and Jonathan Mensah speak both languages, plus a couple of others with a basic knowlege of english, added to the fact that I'm English maybe this goes some way to explaining it. As i said it doesn't seem to be having a detrimental effect on my team, i was just wondering as my assistant likes to tell me every match!

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