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Which player have you found to be much better in the game than in reality?

  1. Which player have you found to be much better in the game than in reality?

    Tom Huddlestone is excellent for Spurs in the game but in reality he's rarely a stand-out.

  2. Fabio Borini. He's been average so far at Liverpool, and although suffering from injuries and adjustment to the team, he's been below par. On FM on the other hand, he's the perfect poacher.

  3. Giroud. Scored a few recently irl but hasn't really impressed. On FM he's an absolute genius up top
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  4. as good as pato is irl hes like 20 times better in the game which is kinda hard to imagine:-0 anyways people should try him out if they get the chance i use him as a right winger

  5. Giroud

    He scored like 50 goals last season and is probably going to be that this season.

  6. the entire liverpool squad on my save!!

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