Too many missed penalties?
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  1. Too many missed penalties?

    I've had 6 penalties so far this season.
    Guess how many I've scored..?
    Yep, 0.
    I'm Arsenal and Podolski, who has 17 penalty taking and 16 composure has missed 3 penalties.
    Decided to switch to Arteta who has 17 penalty taking and 17 composure and he's missed 3 penalties too?!

    Am I just really unlucky or is anyone else experienced a lack of penalties being scored?

  2. I have always had problems with penalties being missed up until the latest patch on fm 2013. Since then I have noticed a big improvement.

  3. Usually my players score the pens, but as soon as they miss one penalty they nearly always miss the next few. No idea what to do about it

  4. yep, all the time.. players like rooney and siggurdson with 18 penalty taking.. and the opposition get a penalty.. goal like it's nothing..

  5. I've got the same "problem". 7 penalties - 0 goals.

  6. Yeah got same problem...

    Lampard is 38 in my save, so im rotating him alot, usually gets like 10 matches a season. Hes scores every single time. Of course ITS LAMPARD!

    However, everytime Hazard/Jovetic is kicking who has decent penalty stats aswell. THEY always miss!

  7. This was a known bug caused by the patch just before the last one. However, the latest patch should have fixed it

  8. I am on FMC and played 10 seasons. I find my regens are more likely to score pens. I hear there is a similar issue with free kicks where regens have a better scoring success rate

  9. Since writing about my poor luck with penalties I've been on a great run of scoring every penalty that I've had. also my keeper's save the last three penalties in a row. I haven't done anything differently though

  10. My keeper is a penalty saving machine, Jack Butland in 2018/19 signed him in 2014/15 and hes only conceeded twice from the spot that includes penalty shootouts, Normally i dont have a problem scoring penalties i miss one in 10 or something but last season in the FA Cup i had a replay against Norwich go to penalties, Butland saved 5/6 my team put 4/6 wide, Didnt even come close to the target just blazed them wide, Since then i've had 4 penalties scored 1 when a CB took it for his hattrick, Missed the other 3 when my main penalty taker had a 17/18 from the spot before then, Needless to say hes not my penalty taker anymore.

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