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Player has gone missing from my team (help)

  1. Player has gone missing from my team (help)


    First post on here and i'm hoping its helpful.

    I've started a career with Arsenal and I've come across what I believe to be a big issue.

    Bacary Sagna starts injured, so I signed a back up right back, I got a mail saying Sagna has resumed training. A week later I went to put him in my team in a cup game, but couldn't find him..

    Now he's started to complain that I do not pick him, but it's not possible as hes not in my team, I havn't sold him either. I have re loaded the game in the hope he appears but it didnt help.

    Player has gone missing from my team (help)-img_0037.jpgPlayer has gone missing from my team (help)-img_0038.jpgPlayer has gone missing from my team (help)-img_0040.jpgPlayer has gone missing from my team (help)-img_0039.jpg

  2. is he in the reserves?

  3. Do you hav any filters on ? Is he registered ?

  4. Turns out I'm being an idiot, I had the 'Right Side' filter not ticked. Thanks for your quick response and help.
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