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    The Coach Calculator for FM11 worked just fine for FM12, as there were no changes in what attributes were important for the different roles. However, I've found that the calculator is incompatible with FM13. I've even signed a goalkeeping coach who was supposed to have an 89% (4,5 stars) ability in shot stopping/handling, and I was hoping he'd reach 90% (5 stars) within a year if I got lucky. But instead he dropped to 85% (according to said coach calcuator), and although he should still have 4,5 stars this is not the case - he now has only 4 stars.

    Obviously there are other attributes, perhaps even hidden ones, that serve as criterias for coaching ability. Have any of you come across a credible overview as to what attributes are important to the different coaching categories? Or more importantly, does anyone know if a new version of the coach calculator will be made? I don't use genie scout, but as far as coaches go I do like to know their skill level beforehand - afterall, I can't just sell them or place them in reserves. I'm stuck with them, and they take up slots.

  2. see this thread:[fm13]-tool-star-rating-coaches.html

    Looks like you will have to copy and paste the link into a new tab/window.

  3. Awesome, thanks!

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