can help??

  1. can help??

    I was manager of several clubs, in 90% of situations I have possession of the ball and shot 60-40 in the goal in my favor 20-3, and go out as a loser, what's the problem???

  2. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
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    Need to know the following:

    Team - Tell us the team that you are using, and what level they are at as well.

    Shape/formation – We need to know exactly what system/systems you use when you encounter these problems. This includes both player and team instructions so we have a clear idea of how you are playing. Add any and all manual changes you have made.

    Expectations – What were the board expectations and how do they compare to how you are currently doing. Are you above/below/achieving them at the minute?

    Screenshots and PKMS– Please, upload screenshots of the details we have asked for. And PKMs if its necessary for people to watch swathes of the game to understand the issue.

    The more detail, the better the help you will likely get.

  3. Now take Burnley, after the cancellation Man.City. The same thing happened to me in Man.City. Currently I have a screenshot from Burnley, let me give you some examples and my tactics. Sorry for my bad english. can help??-2012-11-20_00001.jpgcan help??-2012-11-20_00002.jpgcan help??-2012-11-20_00003.jpgcan help??-2012-11-20_00004.jpgcan help??-2012-11-20_00005.jpg

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    Ok firstly I would not use a poacher for the lone forward role. At the very least, advanced forward. But ideally you want that lone striker on a support role. One of you full backs needs an attack role, and one of your wingers needs a support. I would have the attacking full back on the same side as the defensive cm and supporing wide player, and the supporting full back on the side side as the box to box and attacking wide player, so you might need to switch roles around to accomodate your players.

    As burnley I would use balanced, and I would also create a secondary approach that had a DMC

  5. Thanks for the tip, I'll do so we will see progress!

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