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    My Football Manager Story to Newcastle United

    Newcastle United



    English Premier League

    St James Park



    Media Prediction


    Top half finish - £7m - £875K
    Qualify for Europa - £7.25m - £900K
    Qualify for Champions league - £8m - £925k

    As you can tell by all the other posts on this website the Newcastle united squad have lots of attacking minded players with good midfields however the defense of the side needs tweaking. No recognized right back.

    There is two ways to go with Newcastle, you can either buy youth or build on the team you already have.
    In my first season as manager I did the following YOUTH.
    I sold the following players…
    Steve Harper – 500k
    James Perch – 5 Million
    Ryan Taylor – 2.5 million
    Collo – 7.5 Million
    Danny Simpson – 3.5 million
    Mike Williamson – 1 Million
    Gutierrez – 11 Million
    Hatem Ben Arfa – 17.5 Million
    Cabaye – 17.5 Million
    Papa Cisse – 25 Million
    Demba Ba – 7 Million (Release Clause or 17.5 Million after Signing new Contract)
    Shola Ameobi – 500k
    Nile Ranger – 1 million
    I released the following players
    All under 18 squad apart from Adam Campbell ( 4 Star Potential)
    Most of Reserve Squad Accept a few to cover injuries.
    I May have missed a few players out but you get the jist of it.

    I brought the following players. Barring in mind I took a gamble selling big names players for ok money and brought in youth players that can improve my team over years not straight away success


    Grant Hanley – 5.5 Million
    Jak Robinson - 6.25 Million
    Lewis Dunk – 3.2 Million
    Wellington Nem – 3.5 Million
    Adryan – 875k
    Sean Murray – 5.25 Million
    Pedro – 7 Million
    Ross Barkley – 9.5 Million
    Carlos Fierro - 6.25 Million
    Admielson - 5.25 Million
    Obvious it’s up to you who you sign and sell. Use the following websites to find out what wonder kids you would like to sign.

    Current Line Up
    Gk - Tim Krul

    RB -Anita

    CDR - Steven Taylor

    CBL - Grant Hanley

    DL - Davide Santon

    DLP – Pedro

    BMW – Tiote

    IFR – Sean Murray

    AM – Ross Barkley

    IFL – Wellington Nem

    AF – Admielson


    1 – Jak Alnwich

    2 – Jak Robinson

    3 – Lewis Dunk

    4 – Adryan

    5 – Haris Vuckic

    6 – Dan Gosling

    7 – Carlos Fierro

    Some of these postions need to be retrained in the training options to make them play better in the postions.
    From my squad above you can see it is dramtically changed it dosent look like the newcastle team we see week in week out on tv.
    the problem that can accur with this is injuries, injuries played a big part of my season but from january onwards i seemed to start to see my team jel and start winning against bigger teams.

    with this team come the end of the season i managed 13th place in the league, quarters of euro cup, final of league cup and 3rd round of fa cup. so all n all youth can bring you some results just not instant.

    I made the mistake of not replacing any of my senior members of staff. Which did backfire on my when it comes to player development. I did this at the start of the second season; I cleared all the staff out apart from Graham Carr, and Derek Wright. I suggest looking into this area of the staff as the coaching is not up to standard.

    GK- GK
    DR – Right Back – Automatic
    DC – Defender – Defend
    DC – Defender – Defend
    DL – Left Back – Automatic
    MC – Deep Lying Playmaker – Support
    MC – Ball Winning Midfield – Defend
    AMR – Inside Forward – Attack
    AMC – Advanced Playmaker – Support
    AML – Inside Forward – Attack
    FC – Advanced Forward – Support
    I Will Release My Tactics When I Complete My Game I’m Playing ATM.

    I Will Show You 2 Seasons Ahead And What Youth Can Achieve,

    Final Premiership Table.

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    Here is one more

  3. mine is more to prove that youth is another option for managing newcastle because i see most guides are based of the players they already have i have tryed to show how it is possible to bring in younger players and achieve success by selling there best players

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