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Chelsea: A Guide

  1. wonderkid360's Avatar wonderkid360
    Modern Day Legend

    Chelsea: A Guide

    Club Details
    Name: Chelsea

    Nickname(s): The Blues,The Pensioners
    League: Barclays Premier League, England.
    Founded: 1905
    Kit: Home:GK Kit: Dark Green with gold lining.
    Home Kit: Blue With Gold Lining .
    Away Kit: White with a light blue stripe down the middle.
    Third Kit: Black with lots of gold stripes.

    Stadium Details
    Name: Stamford Bridge
    Capacity: 41,798
    Other Facilities
    Youth Facilities: Top
    Training Facilities: Top


    Millwall,Tottenham,Liverpool,West Ham,Man.United,Arsenal,QPR and Fulham.

    Attachment 283841
    I would recommend choosing challenge for the title, with the competition from United,City,Spurs and Arsenal (and no,not Liverpool.)
    This should give you around £30 million, with a £2.3million wage budget.If you really want too, you can say you will win the title, which should give you £39.5m million to spend and a wage budget of £2.6m million, butI would strongly advise against this, as £30 million is more than enough.
    The board want you to play attacking football, which should be easy given your current squad.
    The Team

    You start off with a pretty well-rounded side,with some areas that could do with some backup.Overall a very strong side,with some promising young players.
    Key Players

    Eden Hazard - Winger
    Some really nice attributes in there, especially good are his dribbling (18) and technique (18) , but with room to improve, although bear in mind he's only 21 so has lots of time to develop.For me, best suited as a winger (attack) although you could get away with playing him as an inside forward (attack.)

    Petr Cech
    For me, the most important player on the team.Some impressive attributes, including 19 jumping and 18 handling.Absolute legend and I would keep playing him for 2-4 years, slowly introducing Courtois into the side.He is, like most 'keepers best played as a Goalkeeper(defend.)

    Fernando Torres - Striker
    Some might say that El Nino's attributes are unjustified, but I've impressed by his form so far IRL.Anyways, in-game his 3 main attributes are his pace (17), Technique(16) and his determination (18). Other then that his stats are well-rounded with not many grey attributes.Is good in pretty much every role, but I personally play him as a trequartista, with sturridge at poacher.

    - Midfielder
    Really,really good all round player, with only one attribute below 10.Has 20 stamina and 18 workrate, so this guy is an absolute workhorse.One of the best midfielders in the game.Thanks to him stats can also play AMR.I play him as an advanced playmaker (support.)

    John Terry
    - Defender
    This guy has four stats rated 20!FOUR!!!!Those four are his teamwork,influence,determination and bravery.Absolute monster and quite possibly the best player at Chelsea.He doesn't have the personality born leader for nothing.Central defender (stopper) suits him best.

    Attachment 283843
    This is the tactic I use and I find it works surprisingly well for my style of play.JT is injured, but he would normally be in there.

    My first reccomendation has to be Sao Paulo's young striker Ademilson, who looks as though he has a very high potential.You will have to pay a lot of money for such a young player (I had to spend £5.25 million) but he is worth it.

    I find Daniel Strurridge is quite wasteful, so I recommend activating Demba Ba's £7 million release clause.Unfortunately he was injured upon arrival so I have not got to try him out yet.

    As I recommend you offload Turnball and Hilario, I would sign Federico Marchetti from Lazio.He actually cost me £7million, which is a lot for a backup keeper,but I couldn't find any other options who were on a reasonable wage :/

    I signed Maicon from Porto as I long-term replacement for JT.He is a very good player only, 23 although he did cost me £10.25 million.

    Alan Dzagoev is an excellent heir to Frank Lampard and can be picked up on a bosman from CSKA Moscow at the start of the game.

    Lorenzo Crisetig is another promising young midfielder, although he is co-owned by Inter and Parma.I brought both shares for £1.7million.

    Yes, that is Ronaldinho.Yes, I did sign him on a free at the start of the game.Yes, he is a legend.And yes, I have no right to sign him.

    Lucas Severo looks amazing.Simply amazing.His stats are ridiculous for a 17 year old and I have no doubt he'lll turn out to be a legend.For screenie look to thumbnails.

    Adryan is yet another promising young midfielder on this list.For 875k he is an absolute bargain.
    I will be updating this list as I sign more players
    Chelsea: A Guide-screen-shot-2012-11-20-16.27.53.png
    I would get rid of nearly all your staff.Anselmo Sbraglia is a must and I thorough recommend Bruno Demilechis.
    For full staff hirings and firings look below at the thumbnails.
    We're in an excellent financial position compared to previous fm's, with no debt at all and everything looking nice and healthy.
    For full financial report look to the thumbnails.

    Chelsea are pretty much the ideal starting team for those who are new to fm, as they are well balanced, with a big transfer budget.

    Seeing as those stupid attachment's don't work here are the links to the missing SS's.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Chelsea: A Guide-screen-shot-2012-11-20-16.30.22.png   Chelsea: A Guide-screen-shot-2012-11-20-16.31.00.png   Chelsea: A Guide-screen-shot-2012-11-20-17.16.41.png  

    Chelsea: A Guide-screen-shot-2012-11-20-16.20.02.png  
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  2. Looks like a pretty good guide but it looks like you could have to many players in the squad which would stop maximum growth. I would personally sell Torres and buy someone else seeing as he is on 180k a week and his stats are pretty average. Could go for Jadson as a new center back to replace Terry or Zouma. Looks like a pretty solid guide tho well done mate
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  3. wonderkid360's Avatar wonderkid360
    Modern Day Legend
    Chelsea Young Players Guide
    Youth Facilities: Top Facilities
    Junior Coaching: Good Junior Coaching
    Youth Recruitment: Estbalished Youth Recruitment

    I would recommend upgrading your junior coaching and your youth recruitment ASAP.By upgrading your youth recruitment you will get better regens and by upgrading the junior coaching your U18s will improve quicker.
    Best Young Players At Chelsea(U21)
    Please note that potential is decided buy Chelsea's default assistant manager.

    Eden Hazard
    Potential: 5 stars.

    Kevin de Bruyne (on loan at wolfsburg)
    Potential: 5 Stars

    Romelu Lukaku (On loan at West Brom)
    Potential: 4 and a half stars

    Oriol Romeu

    Potential: 4 stars

    Thibaut Courtois (On Loan at At.Madrid)
    Potential: 5 stars

    Victor Moses
    Potential: 4 stars

    Cesar Azipilcueta
    Potential: 4 stars


    Potential: 5 stars

    Bertrand Traore
    Potential: 5 stars

    Islam Feruz

    Potential: 4 stars

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Potential: 3 and a half stars

    Lucas Piazon
    Potential: 3 and a half stars.

    As you can see, the Chelsea team is filled with exciting young talent.

  4. Mark Manghai
    This is a brilliant guide mate Great Job Thank you
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  5. added
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  6. Eeer.. why sigh Marchetti, when u have Courtois back in the summer?

  7. That's some weird transfers you've done.

  8. i had no idea ronaldinho was a free transfer getting me some of that I don't care if he's old grew up watching him complete ledge who remembers this

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  9. Hey mate, kan you post how you train your players?

  10. wonderkid360's Avatar wonderkid360
    Modern Day Legend
    Quote Originally Posted by chlindholm View Post
    Hey mate, kan you post how you train your players?
    I can try, but I don't really do training.I'll give it a go tho

  11. Does anyone have link to that 3-1-1-3-2 formation???

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