Man Utd taxes

  1. Man Utd taxes

    At the monthly summary of Man Utd I noticed the big spending on taxes each month, not just a few tons, but millions! Last season I paid in total 133 million to taxes and this I've allready paid 172 million on taxes and the season ain't over yet...
    Someone got a clue why those taxes are this high at Man Utd??

  2. Glazers?

  3. According to the moderators at SI, this was "fixed" this patch. I also ran into this with Arsenal. About to end the month, let's see...

  4. Just paid £6.153m in taxes for the month of November for £23.191m of income, as opposed to ~£13m for the month of October (previous patch). Significantly less, but I will see how it is over the course of the season.

  5. i blame David Cameron

  6. Yeah FM well and truly F'd up the taxes on this game.. As far as I'm aware (and as stated above) this has[should have] been fixed.. However, the damage has already been done... )':

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