Newb question about mods and an ebay listing.
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  1. Newb question about mods and an ebay listing.


    I bought FM13 tonight, it's my first purchase of the franchise ever, and so I'm completely green to all the mods and customizations that surround it; I've been getting confused finding out exactly what mods there are out there. After some research, I'm aware that there are:

    -Face Packs
    -Data updates i.e real names of players and competitions

    However, this listing on ebay caught my attention: FM 2013 Faces / logos update and more Football Manager 2013 Mod Easy Install | eBay.

    Are they all his/her custom mods? Or are they a compilation of other mods that are free to download? For £5.99 it looks like a pretty decent deal to me, and I really like the neat look to his/her game, plus it's updated correctly. Just wanted some insight from some experienced players, would it be fair trade for me to purchase his mods+updates or are they easily found elsewhere online... if so where lol (As in the ones he's using specifically if you can identify them)? Thanks for any help in advance!

  2. Everton Nice Guy Gramps
    Don't pay for it imo. There's a high chance it's other peoples work put onto a disc. You can easily download them for free from various FM sites (like here) without paying. If I were you it's best to be safe than sorry. Keep your pennies

  3. Don't pay for a facepack. Every FM fansite is signed up to the SI affiliate scheme, meaning all of our content will always be freely available to anyone in the community, these scammers on ebay just scrape this content and put it on a disc. With some very basic instruction, even a newbie to the series can get and install all this content for free.

  4. Thank you, I appreciate your quick responses. I won't go ahead with it then, but can anybody recognise the mods he's used from anywhere? I can't seem to find them on this site? Newb question about mods and an ebay listing.-6large.jpg

  5. Isn't that the Classic Skin? If I'm right, I think they have it on

    EDIT: FMC Skin For Football Manager 2013: Download
    FMC skin for FM13

  6. Thanks mersk, that's the exact one. The only thing is the the layout of the player profiles. What he has is like a mix of FMC and Steklo X3 v1.2. Newb question about mods and an ebay listing.-jordanspence_attributes.png Newb question about mods and an ebay listing.-fd1bdf41c3af815551c034f1132ec297.png

    Can you tell? Did he do that himself?

  7. Not sure. Could it be this: OPZ Beam skin for FM13

  8. It's weird my game is layed out like on this pic: Newb question about mods and an ebay listing.-69250bd7a9f87c46dbdff85a0009e885.png(without the skin)
    But I'm trying to find out how to get it to look like this pic:Newb question about mods and an ebay listing.-fd1bdf41c3af815551c034f1132ec297.png

    I think the issue I'm having is with layout at the moment rather than skin, I really like the facepack used, the shirt at the bottom left, the rating colourations. Is there some sort of option I'm missing on the vanilla?

  9. No, it's purely a question of skin. But I don't use custom skins so I can't recognize it.

  10. Thanks for your help tonight, mersk. You've helped me pinpoint the skin, it's only the layout that I can't put my finger on as of yet. I'll log on tomorrow and see if I get my head around it lol!

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