Expanding/Building new stadium

  1. Expanding/Building new stadium

    Has anyone managed to get their board to build a brand new stadium? I'm managing Liverpool and in the start of second season, they expanded it to 50.000 seats, and now they've started planning to expand it further to 55.000 seats.

    I guess building a new stadium gets less and less realistic the more a stadium is expanded, but I wonder if anyone has actually done it - and if so, what season. And yes, I'm talking about big clubs in the big leagues.

  2. In my second season I requested a new stadium and they said no, so they extended my stadium by 26 seats haha

  3. I think you Will find that unless its exactly essential for the growth Of the club, they wont build à new one, just like in real life.

  4. I'm managing Stoke and I've just got the board to agree to extending to a 34,400 capacity stadium.. Sure if we keep being successful then they will have to buy a new one [due to most stadiums having capacity restrictions] but that could be like 10 years away!

  5. city and 2nd season im leavin the etihad for the al murbarak stadium! haha 67k with roof!! long way from maine road!

  6. I had a new stadium built in my name on FM 12 (at PSG), but that was after about 12+ seasons. It's possible, but it just takes a long time.

  7. Im with Cordoba Im 3 seasons deep and in the middle of the 4th... Im trying to over throw barca n Real finance is the real barrier at the minute my stadium is only 15k now and its in the middle of the third expansion sooner of later they are going to have to build me a decent stadium

  8. On FM 12 I got a new stadium (65k) with Spurs in my third or fourth season. Sometimes it's better that you don't get a new stadium until you're really deep in the game (+10 seasons). In that particular save game my fan base was over 100k after 15 seasons but I couldn't expand my stadium capacity and the board were not willing to build a new one again

  9. I'm in my 12th season with Man United and Old Trafford now holds a cool 100k.

    They just did it every few years by 5000 without me asking

  10. wen i got wimbeldon to the primiership they build a new stadium still only like 20k seats but its better than 5k lol

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