Getting Scholes and Giggs to become trainers..

  1. Getting Scholes and Giggs to become trainers..


    I want to get Scholes and Giggs to become trainers in my Man U save. I've recommended them the trainer part and they said they can start right away.. I accepted but they still remain only players..

    If I offer them a trainer contract they keep refusing even though they are both interested.. Should i wait for there 'player'contract to end before i can sign them?

    Thx for the help in advance!

  2. Yeah I had the same thing in my Man U save. Their contracts run out June 2013, either wait for it to run out and offer them a coach contract. Or when their contract is up, they'll either chose to carry on playing or retire and go straight to coaching. They'll announce when they want to retire, then you can offer them a coaching contract and they'll accept.

  3. can you not offer them a player/coach deal so they can do both? it would then become just a coach contract when they retire.

  4. No they both dont accept that.. I'm affraid i'll have to do it like Kj94c said.. Its weird because Giggs even went to take a course. Oh well if that is the only thing with the game i'm not complaining :-)

  5. Yeah Scholes is taking his B course for me and he's still a player. They learn for their courses whilst they play. When they officially retire then they'll take a coaching job

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