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    Please move this thread If I have posted it in the wrong section.

    I took over Villa, as they were bottom of the league (in december) and I am now just 3 points away from that magic 40 point mark.

    Anyway enough of my game - I want to change the back room staff but decided its best to do it at the end of the season, in time for pre-season.

    Was just wondering if anyone can reccommend any good staff members for a club the size of Villa?

  2. Johan Cruyff Great assistant

    Paul Winsper 4 star fitness coach

    Peter Beardsley 4.5 star ball control coach

  3. Are these gettable for Villa?

  4. Winsper is for sure. I can get cruyff at Newcastle on £14k a week and Beardsley i am not sure about.

    Tony Coton is a 4.5 star GK coach who will join any prem team aswell David Hamilton is an awesome scout

  5. Thanks - will look at them at the end of the season. Just hope if they are at other clubs they will be interested in a move.

  6. Keep in mind that coaches can differ in quality from save to save. Take Paul Winsper for instance, he's listed in this thread as a 4 star fitness coach. In my save he's 5 star. And if you do some googling and find sites listing the best coaches, make sure you check their attributes first. I've found coaches supposed to be 5 star coaches who, in my save, wouldn't be able to train a dog to take a shit.

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