Greenmangaming vs Steam version differences?

  1. Greenmangaming vs Steam version differences?

    Hi there,

    Are there any differences between the versions available on Steam and Greenmangaming? I ask because FM13 costs $80 US on Steam (I'm in New Zealand) but only $40 US at Greenmangaming. Does the Steam version come with extras that the Greenmangaming version doesn't or are us Kiwis simply a victim of Steam's regional pricing differences? The price difference just seems a bit ridiculous because I definitely don't remember FM12 being this expensive on Steam when it came out last year!


  2. There are no differences, all versions have to be activated via, and run using steam.

    You are essentially buying a steam activation code (and maybe an actual boxed disc) when you buy from anywhere but steam.

    Steams local pricing agents are pretty harsh in your part of the world, so go for green man gaming

  3. Like Jake says, you buy a product key and activate it via Steam. I bought mine from Gameholds and got it for about half the price of that in Steam Store. You can use this site to find the cheapest: Compare cd key prices search allkeyshop

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