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Playing smaller teams...

  1. Playing smaller teams...


    Has anyone else had problems playing smaller teams?

    I play as FC United Of Manchester and doing pretty well in the league,

    Though i got knocked out the fa cup by a team alot lower than me and just now been knocked out the Northern league challenge cup by Causeway United! LOL

    I no my tactic must of been off so dont think im blaming it on any match engine or anything..

    They just seemed to be able to shut me out an restricted me to 1 shot on goal the whole time?

    Any advice..cant go on like this,I need decent cup runs for the money!!

  2. These things happen man. This is why I like Football Manager so much though, it really takes into account that anything can happen in football, look at Celtic against Barcelona IRL the other week. Crazily dominated by the other team, yet they still win. This has happened to me time and time again on each game, but that's football and you can't go a whole season without one slip up, whether it be a draw or a loss.

    I'd say to make a tactic for both big and small teams, this way, you can control the games against the lesser sides, keep the ball and pin them back. With the big teams, perhaps look to counter them or go more defensive as you know they have more fire power.

    There's not a lot that you can do about the games you slip up on, other than try and bring in the most reliable and best players you can, and keep your tactics ever-changing otherwise the AI will adapt to what you play and shut out every player.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. Also, try to motivate them properly. Playing big teams is a self motivating match, but when you play shit teams you need to guard against complacency.
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  4. In your first press conf, what did you by chance say that " The league is my priority"? If so, it might have a negative effect on your cup run, especially if setting the cup bonus to " low"

  5. Cheers for the replies,

    I usually play ok against bigger teams? I have 3 tactics,A 4-5-1 thats quite defensive that i use against the bigger,Stronger teams,

    Then swap about between a 4-4-2 and a 4-3-2-1 that i made,Nothing i can do now..out of the 2 cups! lol onwards and upwards for next season..Thanks for the suggestions

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TheBetterHalf View Post
    In your first press conf, what did you by chance say that " The league is my priority"? If so, it might have a negative effect on your cup run, especially if setting the cup bonus to " low"
    And i think you hit the nail on the head with the cup bonus,I didnt want to put both to high incase i ended up in the red! lol
    My slip up,Got to try harder with my tactics i think aswell..Getting used to hard this years game is..Loving the challenge though!
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