Best team to start fresh with

  1. Best team to start fresh with

    By start fresh i mean sell the bulk of the team and start with new players any help would be appreciated

  2. Portsmouth?

  3. Dont really see the point in that myself but can you not do that with all teams? or do you want alot of money to spend?

  4. I like playing as West Brom personally. Like you, I usually sell a lot of the older and out-of-shape sqaud members and bring in either big names or young exciting players with the money from the sales.

    However, if it is definitely the Premier League you want to manage a side in. You can ask around anyone who watches the EPL and they'll say one of the teams in most need of a renovation would be Liverpool. With key players aging out such as Gerrard/Carragher, and important positions filled with underwhelming players for the past couple of seasons i.e Downing, (imo) Henderson and perhaps a few others.

    You can sell some of the players that don't quite perform for a healthy sum, and completely renovate the team. The same can be done with Chelsea, however, attacking-wise they've already got a strong set up for the next few years.

    Both of these teams also allow you to dive straight in and start selling players as neither of these have really signed anyone in the past season that you'd want to get rid of desperately. Unless of course, you support Swansea and despise players like Joe Allen.

  5. To be honest, Liverpool has the youngest squad in the Premier League, and Carragher is far from a key player. Gerrard is still class for a few more years, but obviously the team needs reinforcements in certain areas. Selling players like Downing, Carroll, Cole and Henderson should be mandatory. The latter could be a decent squad player, but given his wages (£70K) you can bring someone in who's both better and cheaper.

    I'd personally go with Chelsea. Yes they have a young midfield/attack, but alot of their defensive players are getting old fast. In addition they have a big transfer budget as opposed to Liverpool, and with the sales of players like Cole and Terry (personally I'd sell Torres too) you could really create a great team.

  6. Thanks guys really useful tips think i might give chelsea a go tbh try and rebuild them back to what they used to be when they were winning the league will keep you updated on who i buy and sell thanks again for the advice

  7. AC Milan are in need of massive overhaul.

    Some positions are quite strong, but some are in shit state. Couple great youngsters in team and also some good older players who can be around for next 6 years. Also you can sell couple players at the start to generate 40m quite easily.

  8. What Team Should I Be?

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