Struggling to keep possession

  1. Struggling to keep possession

    playing 4-2-3-1


    The majority of my team have decent passing & decision making stats for the Championship level but I seem to strugle with holding possession. My pass completion is around the 60-70% margin which is woeful. I play a mixed passing style game with certain players playing direct and others short depending on what suits the individual.

    Thoughts on what it could be? Team cohesion, formation, tactics or personal roles?

  2. If you want to play a possesion game then switch to short passing for a start. Slower tempo aswell

  3. Possession doesnt seem to work Im set up almost exactly like yours and my team has been built to keep the ball and Iv the same problems... Last years possession instructions dont seem to work at all...

    Jose Fernandez--Heurtaux--Peybernes--B. Mendy
    Tello-------------Moi Gomez-------Fede Vico----

    I dont know about your game but in mine these guys have high passing, creativity, composure, decisions and only about 5 games a year will they get 80% or better...
    Playing slow doesnt work very well this year when it comes to chance creation I do think there is a balance to be found but so far I havnt discovered it and Iv been going for nearly 4 seasons...

  4. Some people, like Raikan say that the ME is not yet fixed to the point where you can use possession tactics.

    But, you should go to short pass, at least GK, defenders and central mids ( the others you can use mixed or direct to get the ball faster into the opponent box).

    Your players should have PPMs like simple pass, 1-2s, T-balls.

    But be aware that playing such tactics will only work if you have class players. The new patch says that players, let's say, less qualified, would prefer direct passing under pressure, ans possession don't work with that. You need, anticipation, team work, stamina, decisions, determination, among others.

  5. I've created a possession tactic and it works fine? Had 73% possession away to Man City, drew 1-1 but only because I had to play Chamakh rather than Podolski.

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