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Anyone finding defending worse since the patch?

  1. Anyone finding defending worse since the patch?

    I'm finding even tho it doesn't look like a glitch anymore my players can no longer defend since the patch. They pass it directly to the opposition for no reason, sometimes they just stand there with the ball and get tackled. Also I've scored in 8 games 2 15-20 yard own goals the animation looks like I've slid into the ball and it just thunders into the net

    Think I'd rather have my players running sideways and not responding to this :/ hoping it fades out and I'm just having a bad run of luck. Has anyone else noticed anything?
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  2. Just witnessed 4 own goals in a 3-3 draw with southampton with me being newcastle, 2 a piece

  3. Ive had the standing there and getting takled but apart from that i have had NO other me related glitches or bugs or any issues with the game.

  4. I have noticed way more OG's than the last patch but other than that everything seems to be working a lot better.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by sefiruso View Post
    my players can no longer defend since the patch. They pass it directly to the opposition for no reason, sometimes they just stand there with the ball and get tackled.
    My team wasnt the best at defending before but all things you mention my team does constantly now...

    My team has returned to the beta problem where they wont pass it to the spare man instead they launch the ball forward under no pressure and the setting is on lowest mixed pass... Im going to try play short passing but I cant see it working since keeping possession is not allowed by SI in this game...

    The best experience Iv had so far is a clearance from the other team from inside their own half looping over my GK as he charged wildly to the edge of his box to catch the ball under no pressure...

  6. Ive noticed my team are always giving the ball far to easily and scoring a hell of a lot of own goals!

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    Nope, I see my teams defending better than before. (One with Crewe, another with AC Viseu in Portuguese third level with shitty goalie and fullbacks).

    I did see an own goal in which player slid tackles a striker sideways in the small area but shoots the ball along its original trajectory (perpendicular to the slide) into own goal. It showed when tackling there's no animation of leg swipes. One instance, no other own goals in like five matches played.

    As for scoring, in my game I see as much scoring as before, if not a little tad bit more.

  8. I've abandoned defending altogether in favour of playing all my players except the keeper in their half.

    I don't find it makes any difference how many bodies I have in my half in terms of how many goals I concede, but the more I've got forward, the more I score.

    Now playing effectively 2-1-4-3 in the Premier League, and sitting second. Conceded 23 in 15 games, but scored 35

    I must confess, I'm not really watching the games very much any more, its too frustrating, the decision making and the percentages of success for some manouvers I am finding a bit ridiculous.

  9. Although the TS did not intend it to, the thread now belongs to......

    UPDATE 13.1.3 RELEASED for Football Manager 2013

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