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New update!!!

  1. New update!!!

    hows everyone doing with the new update?? im newcastle and they seem to defend better and im winning games that i should be winning.. also do u use 2 formations 1 for big teams and 1 for teams u know u will win?

  2. Its the complete opposite for me way more mistakes, ridiculous goals and decisions than ever before its a complete and utter joke...
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  3. crazy, i was in the lower half of the table now im 7th, which team are u? what formation you playing? etc etc

  4. same here with newcastle .new update is spot on

  5. I am playing as Cordoba I won Liga Adelante in my first season fairly comfortably mostly playing counter attacking football...
    Then came La Liga finished 7th built upon my previous tactics and started to play more adventurous got better players in and due to Valencia winning the Copa Del Rey I got a Europa league place but I was lucky to get it I had a shaky finish to the season only won 4 of the last 15...
    Third season I finished 3rd played very adventurous had defensive issues which I really struggled to sort out I pretty much out scored teams and again had a bad finish to the season but not as bad as the previous season...

    Roll on to the current season my fourth I tried to implement a possession based strategy I used from last years games it worked reasonably OK but there were problems from the outset... My initial games were highscoring for both teams then as I tried to be more cautious the goals dried up for both sides at this point I couldnt find a balance I was either too attacking or too defensive... As the bad disappointing results piled up it led me to drop the tactic I couldnt make it work...
    So now I play a fairly basic tactic and I play slow but for some reason crazy things happen in my game its very frustrating like my 4th Champions Lge game at home to Juve I was drawing 1-1 with 60mins to go... Then under no pressure my CM (Pogba) turns an plays a pass backwards to a Juve player but who he was aiming for on my team is a mystery, then third goal was shocking Matri had time to swivle and volley home from a long throw while my players stood watching and the best bit was Ustari letting a tame looped header go in over his head while he was standing on the line... Two games prior match Mallorca's CB scored from a clearance inside his own half because Ustari ran out and tried to catch it (he was under no pressure) luckily I managed to win that game handy enough...

    There were problems with my game prior to the update some stupid stuff happened but not as much as this update or so it would seem...
    I play an attacking 4-2-3-1 but I play DF Line 75%, Width 55%, Tempo 30%... Playing slow had limited the chances other teams get and has reduced the number of chances I create but not too much... I built my team to play possession but it doesnt work too well in this game I believe Raikann can tell you that... I can still create chances because of the guys I have but for some stupid reason I only manage 70% pass completion despite having an excellent passing side...

    -------------------------------Ustari (GK/D)---------------------------------
    Fernandez (FB/S)-----Heutaux (CB/D)----Jordi Amat (BPD/D)------Mendy (FB/S)
    ---------------------Pogba (CM/D)--------Arteta (DLP/S)---------------------
    ----Lazovic (W/S)------------Moi Gomez (AP/A)--------Fede Vico (W/A)-------
    ----------------------------Carlos Fierro (DLF/S)-----------------------------

    I mix it up and sometimes my tactic is different but 4231 seems to be the best I can pull of with a variation of different roles (sometimes a Box to Box MF and Ball winner, Poacher) and sometimes personnel...
    My team is pretty versatile although most of my players best roles are the same like 4 of of my 6 central players play best as Advanced Playmaker... Tello, Rafinha, Javi Garcia (Loan), Perbernes, Mauro Caballero are a few I can use to freshen things up...

    I apologise for the essay writing helps me vent things

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