Nobody wants to loan my players?

  1. Nobody wants to loan my players?

    I decided to start as Man United to ease myself into the game. Only signed one player in the first season but then I signed four or five for the second season, with the intention of selling and loaning out some players. Trouble is, no one was interested in players like Welbeck, Anderson, and Smalling when I offered them out for loan! Then Scholes and Giggs decided they wanted to go out on loan because they weren't getting games, but again no clubs were interested in short-term loans for such players. Shame really, because my squad is too big at the minute.

    I find this a bit unrealistic so was just wondering whether this was some bug or whether I am doing something wrong? Has anyone else experienced such an issue?


  2. Set the person in charge of finding teams to loan players to, to your Director of Football.

    I had the same issue but he finds a team for a player every time

    To do so:

    - Click the dropdown arrow next your team name at the top of your screen

    -Go to 'Boardroom'

    - Then click 'Change Staff Responsibilties'

    - Change the Transfer Outgoing 'Finds teams for first team players you've listed for loan or transfer' to your 'Director of Football' (also do it for the youth players if you want, which is the option just below)
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  3. Thanks. I've done this, although I'm into the 15th of January and he still hasn't done anything.

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