Athletic Bilbao Project

  1. Athletic Bilbao Project

    Thought i would give doing a save game with bilbao a go as quite a few others have done it and its a good challenge.

    I sold llorente to arsenal bought in Benat, monreal and Kike sola with the money and also signed del horno on a free. Didnt really need to sign a striker though as guillermo fernandez in the B team is awesome with games he was my top scorer in all competitions and top scorer in the spanish cup which I won and in the league I finished 2nd. I also noticed that Aduriz doesnt seem to play as well as Toquero so at the end of the 1st season I sold him.

    Since the board also want you to blood youth players into the first team I also signed the cream of the spanish regens once the transfer window reopened hoping that my superior training facilities will turn them into awesome players, I concentrated on the best rated regens my scouts recomended and also players with high determination and other mental stats as an experiment to see if they will develop well.

    I will post a load of screenshots for you to have a look at

    Athletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00001.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00002.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00003.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00004.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00005.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00006.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00008.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00009.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00010.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00011.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00012.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00013.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00014.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00015.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00017.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00018.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00019.jpgAthletic Bilbao Project-2012-11-24_00020.jpg

  2. Im also using this team and about to sign kike is he good ?
    Also when do the spanish regens come in ?

  3. kike is ok but i only signed him as cover then loaned him out in my second season as guillermo fernandez in my b team is a better player i also sold aduriz and playerd toquero as a target man as he got quite a few goals that way, in the second season i went with munian as my poacher and he got loads of goals, ill post a summary soon, also spanish regens come in on the 28th of march, what i do is save my transfer budget and then buy all the best 16 year old spaniards so they turn basque and i then have more players

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