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HELP ! No match schedule !

  1. HELP ! No match schedule !

    I just won promotion to Southern Football League with AFC Liverpool.
    but there is no matches scheduled for the league !

    what has happend ?

  2. Sounds like a problem with the edited database. Is it your work or have you downloaded one ?

  3. I have downloaded databases.

    is that the problem ? what should i do ?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by emilali View Post
    I have downloaded databases.

    is that the problem ? what should i do ?
    Its probably the cause. Where did you download it from, is there a help thread there where you can post in ?. If this indeed the problem, then I am sure you are not the only one out there.

  5. It is the database for the Southern League, because I tried to start a new save on the league, and when i started it didnt came up matches, so there must be something wrong with the league (database).

    I have now downloaded a new database with low leagues from England
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