Director of Football - Worth it?

  1. Director of Football - Worth it?

    To me there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of upside to them, the assistant manager seems to be able to perform the majority of the roles & I prefer it if I'm in full control of every player contract at the club from the 18's the the first team squad.

    There seems to be a couple of neat roles such as;

    -Find and make offers to young players of the future (although there's no way to control how much of the transfer budget they have to spend, so would much prefer to do it myself).
    -Find a new club for players you have transfer listed or listed for loan (Quite handy)

    The rest can just be easily delegated to your assistant manager or chief scout. Am I missing something? Does allowing the Director of Football taking on some of these roles allow your chief scout & Assistant manager to be more effective or is the position only really valuable to those who are just too lazy to do the majority of these things themselves?

    I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on how valuable and/or convenient it is to have a Director of Football.

  2. I only use mine to get clubs for my loan and transfer listed players, the rest is me and my assistant manager, also I use my Head of youth to bring in new players

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