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FM 13 Bogie Teams
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  1. FM 13 Bogie Teams

    Last year my bogie team was Wolves no matter who i was, they managed to beat me or pull of a draw.

    This season, im into my 3rd season with Newcastle and Stoke bloody City hammer me every game, concede 3+ every away game, and lucky if i pick up a point at home.

    So whats everyone elses bogie teams? be interesting to see if anyone else has trouble against Stoke

    Look forward to reading about your bogie teams

  2. mine is Wolves, but to be fair they made it into the champions league final in like 2020 on mine, so they seem to be pretty good it seems
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  3. Man City, they just don't lose very often.
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  4. Stoke
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  5. Celticthroughandthrough88
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  6. Depending on the nations I play, Partick Thistle, Leeds Utd, or Energie Cottbus.
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  7. Athletico Madrid... Im playing as Cordoba and Falcao is unstoppable for them in 10 meetings Iv only won once and that was my most recent game in the Copa Del Rey quarter final... Not sure how I won since the game seemed hell bent on forcing me to lose it... I managed a 3-2 win with it being 4-3 on aggregate... Their second goal which made the last ten minutes very nervy came from my RB Jose Fernandez attempting some sort of back pass but it was so bad I dont know if it was to my GK or LCB... Arda Turan got on the end of it and as he bore down on goal Peybernes got back to tackle him and score an own goal...

    I switched to counter and as the game to a close eventually hit contain... Falcao pooped up at the end to hit the cross bar but luckily I managed to hold out for a win... Pretty annoying previous games have seen them come back from 4-0 twice and 3-0 once...
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  8. St Johnstone
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by CDXtreme View Post
    Falcao pooped up

  10. I have tried so many times with many different teams against Stoke but they always beat me or at least get a draw against me.. hate it!
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