Hi guys!

I started a career with KAA Gent (my favourite team) and everything is going really well, except for the fact that I can't sign or loan any players.

First off, you need to know that Gent has quite a lot of debt and I started with a transfer budget of only 99,99K. I know that I can't buy any good players that would improve my team so I switched my attention too free agents and loans. I loaned out some players to have more wage budget available.
Now my problem begins, I will explain it with an example. I'm trying to sign this a player on loan:http://i.imgur.com/QqFb4.png
I'm going crazy here, i have this problem with every player I try to loan or sign. In this example he has a contract of 3500 a week and I still have 6K available in my wage budget. Why can't I raise my bids? I'm missing out on a lot of players this way.

My last question is if any of you guys know some good players to get for free