The most painful title loss ever.

  1. The most painful title loss ever.

    Really, just lost the PL by two points due to a 95th min goal to draw against Reading and a phantom penalty against WBA to draw 2-2. You know the Pen was a bad call when the FA turn a blind eye to your ranting to the press lol.

    Even worse Spurs won all there last three games with goals in the last 5 mins. Meh ignore my duel screen screenshot CBA taking it again

    The most painful title loss ever.-title-lost..png

  2. What a show Person of interest is

  3. It was on FM12, but I almost lost the title on the last day of the season in stoppage-time to Man-City (sound familiar?) as Arsenal in the first season.

    But Douglas Costa scored 2 for Liverpool against Man City in stoppage time to give me the title on goal difference!!

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