player xfer request

  1. player xfer request

    so this has happened quiet a few times to me in a this save and another 2 saves ive being playing since release, a players just says he wants a transfer request becuase he hasnt gotten any games even tho hes one of my best players playing every single game, SI need to fix this as i just keep having good players unhappy because of a bug-_-

    player xfer request-chris-callan_-.png

    has anyone else had this happen as its so annoying?

  2. Haven't experienced anything like that. Check his squad status.

  3. This happened to me in the BETA. I just offered him a new contract with a few extra quid and he was all happy. Make sure you put him as a key player in the new contract too, and make sure you don't have too many players in his position, else he will get nervous that you are trying to replace him.

  4. ah ok il offer hima new contract, and ye his squad status is fine, so wierd!!!

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