Newly Promoted Blackpool!

  1. Newly Promoted Blackpool!

    I am using Blackpool, and i got promoted from the NPower Champoinship (finishing 2nd) to the Barclays Premier League. The first two pre-season friendlies i won 3-1 and 3-0, but then i came across Lyon and lost 2-0. So i thought that that was alright, as i'm newly promoted and they're a strong side. Then my last friendly i battered Chelmsford City 5-0 (my local team) All in all, i was quite happy about pre-season, but then the BPL season started, with my first 2 fixtures being Spurs away and Chelsea at home (not easy!) i lost 3-0 to Spurs, me having 1 shot, 1 off target and 1 CCC. I think i'm gonna get battered by Chelsea and i need someone to help me with a tactic to do decent in the premier league, as i don't care HOW i stay up, i just want to. I use a 4-3-3 with a DM and AML/AMR. my squad is:
    DR:Marco Motta
    DL:Kieran Richardson
    AMR:Matt Phillips
    STC:Milan Baros
    I am willing to scrap the whole tactic if i need to if anyone has a tactic that will keep me up! I have a transfer budget of 3.74M and a wage budget of 15.65K. Thanks in advance!

  2. Your tac look decent, well packed mid and fast wings, try to play more fast counter football, direct passes and get some pacey forward (poacher).

  3. Quote Originally Posted by darockbg View Post
    Your tac look decent, well packed mid and fast wings, try to play more fast counter football, direct passes and get some pacey forward (poacher).
    On my bench i have Bradley Wright Phillips, might have to sell him and get Jerome/Delfouneso as them two did amazing for me last season as loanees (more so jerome getting 12 goals in 14 league games after getting him on loan in january)

  4. c5222ae3a09b85b8408a3b9c94cb5189.png this is why i love this game. never seen anything like it before. i had a decent 8 shots with 2 CCC and they had 29 shots with 7 CCC. When they had their second goal disallowed, that was one of them major fist pump moments!

  5. I did something very similar with my Palace team and we have some of the same players. I recommend getting Albrighton on a free if he is is still available and Muntari on loan as he is not wanted at AC Milan in the past few games I have played. I also got Rodney Strasser on a free to beef up my midfield with Muntari and Rincon. David Goodwillie has also done a job upfront but Zaha's a beast.

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