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Can gotze and isco play together ?
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  1. Can gotze and isco play together ?

    as the title says really, just need to know before i splash any money can isco and gotze play together ?

    I play gotze just behind the striker as a advanced playmaker an i wasn't sure or not i could perhaps play isco in the center of midfield as a deep lying playmaker?

  2. If you want to play both I would put Gotze out wide and then play Isco behind the striker or if you play 433 put them both in centre midfield one as central midfielder attack and the other as advanced playmaker support
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  3. Gotze plays really well is a Inside foward right or left.....

  4. Or play a narrow 4-2-3-1 formation with 3 Central-Attacking Midfielders!

  5. Isco is crap

  6. gotze is a beast in 13.. wanted to get the squad ready for the long haul so had to steer clear of major signings.. wanted falcao soooo bad

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Jean-Luc View Post
    Isco is crap
    He wudn want to be Iv blew 28m on him in an effort to break into the top two of spain

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jean-Luc View Post
    Isco is crap
    And Messi sucks?

  9. i managed to sign llorente on free after the 1'st season and jovetic thanks to a bug( juve singed 50% for 16mil then a week later chelsea were making bids of 0$ that were accepted so i said oh well why not). so now i have 4strikers at bvb.
    changed to my old favorite 4-4-2 and i am currently training gotze as a CM.he is playing great, he doesn't really have the qualities of a AMC in my opinion since his finishing,composure or long shots really suck. and when playing 4-2-3-1 he can only filter passes to 1 guy ahead of him while at the same time his chances of scoring are next to none.
    my advice to everyone is to train gotze as a CM, he'll be paul scholes with speed and dribble

  10. I just took the Dortmund job and first order of bussines is signing Isco, so we will find out soon enough.

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