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Back to best after injury?

  1. Back to best after injury?

    Hi guys was just wondering if a player who has been our for 5months+ return to his CA?

    Im asking as Cabaye has just broke his leg but the thing im worried about is that he is 30, will he come back just as good eventually or should i be looking to sell once back from injury?

  2. he wont be the same mate..

    just keep an eye on how much his stats drop.. if they drop rapidly then look at a possible replacement if they only drop one or two here and there it will be fine!
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  3. they are NEVER the same.. not even the young ones.. their PA takes a hammering sometimes.. sucks when it happens

  4. I was in a very similar situation in my first season with my Newcastle save, Cabeye broke his foot against Man Utd (not before helping us to a 3-0 win!) and was out for 3-4 months. I think it was about early December. Some of his stats did drop slightly, however he came back in after it and really put in some good performances and helped us maintain a Champions League push right when it was starting to falter. First game back being a perfect example, away at Soton, losing 1-0 at half time, brought him on, he scored the leveler and took the corner that led to the winner.

    2nd season he seems to be suffering more though, no longer a nailed on starter, and seems to tire more easily. Bare in mind too this wasn't as serious a injury as a broken led.

  5. It happened for me with Robin van Persie in the second season, as he was already 30 I got rid of him as soon as he was fit, and got £27m for him! There is literally no morale to that story I'm just saying you're not alone...

  6. I struggle to get a player anywhere near the same when there in the late 20's coming on 30.
    I always remember in real life any cole came back better after he broke his leg lol

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