4-4-1-1 --- 4-4-2 Problems

  1. 4-4-1-1 --- 4-4-2 Problems

    just wondering if anyone else is having any trouble using either of these formations successfully and consistantly. Im on my 3rd season in the premier league with cardiff city and have a decent squad but im always switching tactics because i cant seem to find a consistant one for example i played a 4-2-3-1 beat everton 2-0 and wolves 4-1 in my last two games of the season then lost both pre season games too lower reputation opposition. so now im trying to utilise a 4-4-1-1 hopefully to remain solid at the back bt with a kick upfront, i think the difficult bit is the defensive line, width, tempo sliders, any tips?

  2. Don't base anything to do with your tactics on friendlies... In pre-season the tactic familiarity drops down loads again so you need to give your team time to get familiar with them. Also, the players won't be motivated and will be tired, plus you will probably play people who aren't used to playing with each other

  3. I decided to switch to the 4231 asymetric and ive won my first 3 games of the season playing good football, so think i may stick to this one for a while an try to tweak it too my style.

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