Need help with running speed!!

  1. Need help with running speed!!

    fm13 is currently running on 2 stars out of 5!

    my pc

    Intel pentium 4 3.00 ghz
    Ram 3gb

    any ideas on how to make my pc run fm13 faster?

  2. gogogo golem
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    Is it running fine? If it is don't worry as that rating is just a guide. You do have a quite old processor and not quite as much RAM as you would want for this sort of game, you would want 4GB and 6GB might be useful but it would run smoothly with 4GB. The only thing I could think of is hard disk defragment, a cleanup tool and shutting down some background processes that aren't important and you don't use.
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  3. Get Advance System Care will clean your PC up abit and will help with game speed. It also comes with a game booster that helps increase game speed a good bit.

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