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What do you do every time when you take over?

  1. What do you do every time when you take over?

    Hi all,

    Just wondered as i am about to start a new career what are the things or staff that you always buy or acquire at the start of a career, what do you do with your training etc?

    Also do you know of any good staff? Im Birmingham in the championship so have 0 money but i think i can work a wage budget a bit, was able to offer Del Horno 20,000 a week but couldn't adjust it to a transfer budget,

    Im just looking for general bits and bobs you do pre season,

    any help would be appreciated !


  2. The first thing I always do is get rid of the inadequate staff, and get some good coaches in. I'd recommend several for you, if it wasn't for the fact that alot of the coaches have varying attributes from save to save - meaning a coach I recommend for you who has 4.5 stars in my game, might have only 3 or 4 stars in your save. I also go to the board room and make as many requests as I can, regarding transfer/wage budget, increasing the facilities and so on.

    The second thing I do is go over the squad, to check who can actually justify their wages, and what areas need to be strengthened. The ones who are expendable are obviously sold, and I always buy young players with high potential to replace them. After I have a respectable squad, I go through every players training and adjust it to what I see fit.

    The third thing I do is create tactics. This is of course linked to what type of players I bring in. If I want to play an offensive 4-2-3-1 (which I do prefer), I need a striker who will constantly score goals, a creative midfield and strong defenders with decent pace, and of course a class goalkeeper.

    After all this is done, it's really just a matter of fine-tuning tactics to each game, fine-tuning training to each individual player (like making sure you don't have an injury prone player constantly on heavy workload), scouting for new talents who may add something to the squad, keeping an eye out for good coaches etc.

    The vision is always the same - to create the best team in the world, one that will be feared and revered by others. Pretty much a Bill Shankly kind of idea.
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  3. I set up three tactics:one based on the squad, one 41221 or 4231 and the third a mix of the above. Then i set up the style of play etc pased on the players for two of the tactics then the third one will be retain poss, short pas etc in order to slowely change the style of football to my prefferd style.

    After doing that I check out the squad, get immidiete replacements for weak positions and youngsters who will fit into the style of play i will be changing to into the future. My favourote transfer targets are:
    Nigel Reo-Coker. Free
    Craig Gordon. Free
    Alex. And you can guess
    Drenthe. Once again
    Wellington nem. 4.1m
    James McCarthy. 6-10m
    Rodrigo/Bony/Isco/alaba/sterling/the ox Only if im managing a good club

    I also on my first day have an overview of the staff getting rid of rubbish and hiring neccesery replacements, and i slso ask some key players who i should sign.

    Try to spend a bit of time pestering the board over the first few days and sorting out training regiems, Scouting and selling waste players.

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