Semi-Pro to Professional

  1. Semi-Pro to Professional

    Has anyone had any success getting their club to turn professional in a league system other than England's? Currently playing in Norway and after getting a team promoted to the premier division all the way from the third tier I managed to finish mid-table and have over $3 million in the bank. But board won't go professional and when I go to the board screen to request going professional, the option is greyed out.

  2. Hover your mouse over the greyed-out option and it should tell you why it is greyed out

  3. I've done that, it says the club can't afford to. But that doesn't make sense as we have plenty of money in the bank.

  4. robbo9292
    manchester united, england, valencia, fc porto, OM, galatasaray, Dinamo Kiyev, Toronto FC Backup
    Obviously the $3 Million isn't a lot of money to turn professional

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