Will Wilshere ever be the same?

  1. Will Wilshere ever be the same?

    So Jack Wilshere got injured for 3-4 months against Stoke (yeah, had to be them didn't it -.-
    Stoke were up to their old tricks this game - I had 4 injuries in the first half..

    Will Jack's CA and PA be badly affected? In the second season and he was progressing so well Good thing I have Gotze and Isco to come in for him.. Signed both them on transfer deadline which was really lucky as Jack got injured on the day before the deadline day, ended up panic buying Gotze for 50 million :L

  2. 3-4 months won't hurt him too bad.

    It's the year long injuries you need to be wary of

  3. His CA will decrease with around 5 points but he'll be able to get them back considering his PA is high and he's still very young

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