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INVISIBLE players in my team?

  1. INVISIBLE players in my team?

    I mean - what the hell?

    INVISIBLE players in my team?-fk-baumit-jablonec-under-21s_-squad-players.png

    I can use those "invisible" players only in Comparison
    Even if I try to search for those players by their names, there are no results found!

    ...oh and also my ass manager doesn't know anything
    INVISIBLE players in my team?-roman-vales_-untitled-comparison.png

  2. I don't understand what you mean here. If you mean why aren't the rest of your players on display it's because you've only got the goalkeepers section ticked to the right.

    And it says you don't have an ass. man who can give you information. Check to see you actually have one on your staff page.
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