Need help editing history!

  1. Need help editing history!

    I need help editing the playing history of a player. The problem is, i created a player, and when it comes to the playing history, i added numbers to the "games" and "goals" column, but the thing is, when i start a new game, the numbers i previously added in the editor just wont seem counted. When the first match of the player, the media said that the player i created will make debuts, and the goals (career goals or goals for club) just start from 0. Can anyone help? Oh and one more question. What's the "order" column in player history (like in the attached pic) means and what's its significance? I thought it was just for clarifying the order when the player transfers in january or such. Why are there 3s and 5s and some of the 5s come before the 3s? Sorry for too much question. Much appreciated.Thankyou
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