Di Matteo's Son

  1. Di Matteo's Son

    I know a new feature this year is having a regen son. Has anyone noticed managers of other clubs having regen sons? In my current save, I noticed there is a regen called Luca Di Matteo who has both Italian and English nationalities.

  2. Er, are you sure it's not the real one?

    Luca Di Matteo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If he's a regen he should have the weird photo-fit face, whereas if it's the real one he will either have a picture or a silhouette.


    Actually, scratch that, if I'd bothered to look I would have seen they're not related.

    Does he have Roberto Di Matteo in his list of favoured personnel? If not it's just a coincidence. The random name generator does often throw up names that are already in the game.
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  3. how good is he?

  4. I once got Oliver Beckham if i remember right, but he didn't list David, ManU or LA Galaxy as one of his favourite personnel/teams

  5. Definitely a regen. Probably is just a coincidence.

    @blackhat: I checked him out on genie scout, he has a pa of 176.

  6. I've had a son on FM12. He came through my youth team with the same last name as me and same nationality with me on his favoured personnel list. He was pretty crap though.

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