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newcastle 1st season help
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  1. newcastle 1st season help

    I need some help on buying players, iv sold gosling and williamson, i have 11 million to spend, i need an AMR as cover for ben arfa, a LB as cover for santon, a CB for cover and a ST for when ba and cissie go to ACON, so 4 players as cover but also good enough to step up and play in the first team if i lose players.

  2. For CB get Jores Okore, his release clause is something like 1.3mill, did very well as cover for me in my first Newcastle season and has now overtaken Steven Taylor as first choice. Upfront I signed Kadlec, his release clause is similar to Okore, and he is also good back up. What I used to to do (when playing 4-2-3-1) when Ben Arfa was out is switch to AMR is a winger and AML is inside forward and use Kadlec on the left.

  3. Fm13 Team Guides: Complete List

    Two decent guides in there. I've finally settled on going on an adventure with Newcastle and I'm contemplating writing a guide/story on it.

    I'd recommend offering Jonas out for 11 million (Fulham will buy him)

    Sell Perch for 4 million (Wigan and Villa like him)

    Bring in Wellington Nem, Jores Okore, Mason Bennet if you can get him before Liverpool, United, Chelsea, City and Arsenal go for him.

    Staff wise I get rid of Joe Joyce and bring in Phil Cannon as head of youth development (he is better than Liam Brady at Arsenal)

    Ditch Carver and bring in Johan Criuff as assistant

    Daniel Comolli is a good DoF if you use them for anything. I sometimes let them chase a few targets for me.

    You'll need a few scouts as well, we only have Carr and Wooster.

    Also the board are usually willing to upgrade one of if not both of the facilities

  4. Oh and Ademilson and Adryan!

  5. nics one, helped alot will look at these players when i get in from work...

  6. also il report what i do
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by squirrel442 View Post
    also il report what i do
    check my 2 threads mate it helps alot from buying, selling players at the TOON as well as tactics capable of getting newcastle in the top 5

  8. You can also get 8 million for Sylvain Marveaux

    As people have already said Wellington Nem (£3.5m) is a must buy.

    But Newcastle really need a new RB i got Zimmermann (£4.5m) and he has been awesome for me.
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  9. wallace contract clause 4 mill left and right back from FLUMINENSE amazing player

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