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    I may not post a lot on this forum but I have obsessively been playing the FM for many years. In all my time with the game Ive never even come close to getting sacked and usually manage to win a lot of trophies from the first season (such as my FM 2012 save with Bielefeld in Germany where I won everything in the first season when I was in the third division which means that I played and won the euro in my second when I was in the second division when I again won the lot).

    I always wanted to start a thread to give back to the forumers who have helped me a lot without even knowing it. It took a lot of thought (ok it took all of 3 minutes) to decide in which part of the forum to post this (as it will feature - hopefully- stuff from team analyses to tactical discussion to players etc) and chose the FM 2013 discussion part.

    I also anticipate to be able to take people's questions or to discuss them in the lines of threads such as THE ASK RAIKAN THREAD (though obviously I dont mean that I know as much about FM as RAIKAN does).

    Anyway Ill start it and we' ll see how it goes.
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  2. The Brazilian Leagues

    Why the Brazilian Leagues?

    The top tier

    1) Almost all the teams have the potential to challenge for honours (and almost all equally have the potential to see you fall on your face).

    2) All teams have HUGE squads with very good players including a number of wonderkids and older greats. Even the low PA /* players are quite good and tend to do a very decent job at least.

    3) The size of the squads means that you can really stick with a team and develop it over a number of seasons. As most teams have financial problems, the size of teams means you can balance stuff: keep some players, loan some out (or even play the quality youngsters you have) to improve them, and gradually season by season sell the rest to make some money.

    4) There are a LOT of (near) wonderKIDS per team. And Im talking about people such as DORIA (cb at Botafogo), JADSON (mf at botafogo) and OTAVIO (mf at Internacional) who can be thrown at the deep end from the get go.

    5) There are a LOT of very good Brazilians of various ages in ASIA (people like Bare, Enio and Ricardo Oliveira) who can be very cheap/end up being available for free as well as others who are not that expensive especially if you use instalments (look at ANDERSON MARTINS in one of the Arab leagues - 5 mil with instalments) who offer a lot. These can be utilised to make very good squads from the beginning or near that and challenge for honours. And since the finances of most clubs are precarious almost instantaneous success is perhaps the only thing that will keep you in a job.

    6) You start in December and very quickly you are thrown in the State Championship of your area. Depending on your area you ll only be coming accross around 2 top tier teams (eg in my INTERNACIONAL save its Gremio and Cruzeiro) and the rest are low level crappy teams. This means that you have a number of glorified friendlies (where you can blood youngsters, develop your team with little risk) at the end of which most likely success will await. The system of the State Championships is rather convoluted. There are two groups per State of 8 teams each and you play against the other 7 but also accross with teams of the other group ending with a cup like few matches (draws when the comp turns into cup like comp are settled by penalty shootouts without extra time). Plus there are two stages: the opening and the closing stage each of which can be easily won with a top team with a little care (I basically tend to holiday through most of them when Im a top ten team). So by the time the championship proper starts you have a settled team, firing on all cylinders and ready to go.

    7) There are a LOT of cheap loans both from Brazilian teams as well as from Ukrainian/Russian teams (one season 50% loans 25k fees are not unheard of for players of **** potential and v high current abilities). So you can sell players, fix your finances and do well with loans as a stop gap before you enter the South American CL (Copa Libertadores).

    8) You can play around with tactics. Most teams play with a 4222 which is very narrow and winger less. So if you utilise wingers you can take advantage of this.

    9) Brazilian cup also there for the taking.

    10) Because of what i imply above the Championship proper can be quite challenging and the financial constraints keep things very compulsive. It is also very possible to make a team full of all the Brazilian top kids eventually that is the envy of the whole world.
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  3. Brazilian Top Tier Suggested teams

    Internacional: A very nice mix of young players with potential and established "stars". This team will be commented upon in my next post.

    Fluminense: Do you want Wellington Nem without having to buy him? Ditto Wallace at RB? Then look no further. Has reasonable finances (for Brazil) and a number of sellable players to make you around 2 mil at pre season which you can spend to bring in reinforcements. Has an association with Man Utd which means you can get South American players from them for free on loans. Is projected to finish 5th but the squad is capable of winning stuff outright with little or no further investment.

    Santos: Neymar, Felipe Anderson and loads of others. Expected to finish fourth but if you know your stuff you ll run away with everything. A very easy squad to mould.

    Palmeiras: Projected to finish 10th (?). More of a challenge than the other two though it has some cult heroes of mine such as Thiago Heleno at cb (in the Jan patch he's free!!).

    Botafogo: Full of great players in all squads. Not so big financial issues. Clarence Seedorf

    Athletico Mineiro: Very bad financial condition coupled with an extremely good squad, almost half of the good players of which are initially on loan. Ronaldinho. A challenge. Projected to finish 8th I think. BERNARD is a GOD!

    And one team from the second division

    Vitoria: The size and quality of the squad here is mind boggling esp bearing in mind that its a 2nd division Brazilian team! Perhaps the nicest team to develop in the whole FM13 - LOADS of class youngsters!
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  4. Only reason I don't like playing in the brazilian league is because you can't enter the Champions League for obvious reasons, and that to me is the main aim when I take over a Club whether it take 1 season or 10

  5. The Brazilian Leagues - lower levels

    If you want a very big challenge you must choose the Brazilian third division as its full of crappy teams which are really poor. But check their under 20s squads and you ll find a lot of players with potential. Need a lot of patience.

    The second division 3/4 top teams are teams with some history, sleeping giants if you must whose place really is in the top division. Represent a challenge to put them on the road to recovery.

    But the chance is there. Its not much to start with but you can have a decent go at the State Championships as, based on how they are set as I explained above, all you need is to beat other crap teams plus 1/2 good matches ...

    Next post will be an analysis / suggested approach with INTERNACIONAL.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dan Gleeballs View Post
    Only reason I don't like playing in the brazilian league is because you can't enter the Champions League for obvious reasons, and that to me is the main aim when I take over a Club whether it take 1 season or 10
    I see your point. I too enjoy taking lowly teams to EUROPA LEAGUE/ CL glory. The Copa Libertadores is not the CL but is quite exciting.

    Also, I find that playing at leagues I know little about (or dont know as much as the EPL, Spanish, Italian etc top tier) makes stuff more interesting gives longevity to FM.

  7. Well Great Guide to Brazilian Leagues........Got me thinking of starting a save not decided as yet,
    Btw Ganso plays for Sau Paulo i guess not santos as you have posted

  8. Quote Originally Posted by KaiRooney View Post
    Well Great Guide to Brazilian Leagues........Got me thinking of starting a save not decided as yet,
    Btw Ganso plays for Sau Paulo i guess not santos as you have posted
    Ta for the good words.

    Correct about Ganso. My bad.

  9. was thinking about startin a br save myself, might just do it now i have some info to go off lol


    So here is the analysis of INTERNACIONAL as promised:


    Year of founding: 1909
    Nickname: Colorado
    Legends: Dunga, Falcao, Taffarel

    Finances: Says ok but in truth they are very precarious as there is 71m loan and for the first season at least very low gate receipts and other sources of money.

    Prediction: 7th

    City: Porto Alegre
    Stadium: BEIRA RIO (56K -very decent for Brazil)
    Training facilities: Top
    Youth facilities: Adequate - as you have a plethora of good youths/youngsters and as this will be a source of money in future, one of your first tasks should be to ask the board for improvement. They oblige.
    Junior coaching: Average - ask the board for improvement.



    1) The squad (at all three levels) is very good. If you so choose you can leave it as is or sell some players without bringing new ones and you' d still be in with a shout for honours.

    2) There are a lot of good players languishing in the reserves and transfer listed and even the under 20s. So first thing you should do is to straighten things out.

    3) There are a number of loaned in players all bar Jaja of which are crap and are eating wages for no reason. Terminate all loans. I d only perhaps keep Jaja but he eats up 29k in wages and you have a lot of wingers of your own to use so ...

    4) Choose qualification through league as expectation which gives you 1.9m transfer kitty and, most importantly 475k wages. I say most importantly cos the club is only spending 330lk approx (and if you get rid of players I tell you you ll have even less) so with adjustment you ll have double the transfer dosh. The title challenge only gives you 2m with 475k so its not worth it.

    5) Tactics: Use tactics with wingers and/or ifs. I use my own 424 overload tactics (2bbms in middle, one if one winger one wing back one rb) which beats teams into submission together with Raikan's AWESOME AMC tactic (but slightly amended through tactics/shouts).

    Squad evaluation and suggestions

    Id look to sell the following:

    Indio - 37yo cb. Not bad but old and big salary. Sell him while you can get something for him. You can get around 160k for him.
    Juan - cb. This is the well known Juan who used to play at Roma. He is perhaps your best cb stat wise but dont be fooled he's a nightmare. Initially I kept him but could never use him as he literally got injured every time I played him. When I had to restart my save as it got corrupted I shipped him out. Got 500k plus 300k appearances plus got rid of his wages.
    Fabricio - wbl. This one was hard to let go. He's 25 with decent stats (low tackling though which I dont like in defenders). Is highly valued though and I wanted the expensive Wallace.
    Marcos Aurelio- CF. This is another who looks pretty good. But you have a lot of forwards plus you want to give chances to wonderkids and bring in Wellington Nem. At 2.4m value he has to be the one to leave (27yo).
    Maycon -DM. Another one with decent stats who I only would sell to make dosh. Would bring in around 350k.
    Pablo Guinazu - Winger. He's Argentinian. You only can have 3 foreigners in squad. You have four others who are better. You still can keep him and alternate but position, age, value and stats means he has to be shipped. Will bring in around 1.4m.
    Josimar- DM. Again not bad at all but I sold for money. Will bring around 300k.
    Ronaldo Conceicao-cb. If you sell him as well you ll be very light at cb. Brings in around 250k. I sold him and fixed the lightness wih cheap loans.

    I'd look to bring in:

    Romario - RB (from Vitoria). 18yo but can play in senior team straight away. 1.2m release clause.
    Wellington Nem - Winger/CF - 3.5M release clause. Buy him and he ll get the young player of the year award, scpore goals and provide numerous assists. Play him on the wings due to options you have in attack.
    Doria -cb. 18o but very good stats and a rock in defence from day one. Will score goals. 525k release clause
    Anderson Martins - cb (from Al-Jaish). Brilliant stats (use the find similar tab with him to see what I mean!). A rock. 5 mil. He's expensive but if you sell the players I suggest you ll be light at cb and he's a brilliant option.
    Wallace- wbr(can also play on left). He 's expensive at 4.4mil release clause. You may choose not to buy him and put the team further into debt (and get a loan in instead - see below). I chose to buy him. Now my squad looks very strong and having faith in my abilities I know that if I win the lot from the first season Ill be alright.

    Loan options/suggestions:

    Leandro Almeida (Dynamo Kyiv) D(LC) Ln fee 35k pm
    Thiago Carvalho D(C) (Cruzeiro) Ln Fee 9k pm
    Fininho D/WB(L)/DM/M(C)/AM(LC) (Metalist) Ln fee 25k pm
    Rafael Carioca DM (Spartac Moscow) -Ln fee 170 pm. Expensive but **** ability and great stats

    Players already at the squad:

    GKs: Muriel and Renan. Both are v good and in their 20s (25 and 27). Wont really ever need to touch this position. There's 4/5 more in the other squads some of which are decent and/or with potential. Loan them out to fatten them up for future money making sales.

    CBs: If you sell who I suggest you ' ll be light here. Rodrigo Moledo is very good plus you can keep Bolivar as well.

    WBS/FBS: Kleber and Nei are good. Need at least two more as back up. Hence Romario/Wallace/Fininho/Leandro Almeida.

    DMS/CMS: Mario Bolatti. Is Argentinian so takes one of 3 allowed spaces. By far the best in this position and one of the best players in the squad. Look for Ygor, Ze Mario and Elton in your squads and you are set. Have Rafael Carioca (above) in mind.

    AMC/R/L: Andres D' Alessandro (Arg). A legend. Faultless. On the wings he's deadly with assists and goals. One of the best players in Brazilian leagues. Datolo (Arg) better stats than performances but not bad at all. May look to sell in the second season. Look for Dagoberto, Thiago Humberto and Joao Paulo from the other squads (both **** and great stats) plus Wellington Nem and you are set.

    ST: Leandro Damiao. Well neigh unbuyable when you re other teams. This is your chance to use him/see him in action. If you factor in the 20 odd matches you play for State Championships he ll easily score 50+ a season for you. Reason enough to choose INTERNACIONAL imho. Diego Forlan. Great. Unplayable against by most Brazilian defenders. Rafael Moura. 28yo. Was a hidden gem for me in 2012. Hasnt lost anything in this version

    Two absolute wonderkids: Otavio. 16yo. Plays at amc/st (both as poacher and deep). Awesome from day one. Fred. Ditto.


    Ask the board for higher wages. Change the weaker ones (you ll know who they are). Loads of good ones to choose from. Keep Caravetta cos he's great.

    One little tip:

    The percentage from transfers you get is very low (I think 35%). So wait till you sell the first player and do it in a way you sell the cheapest possible one first (delay transfers of expensive players). Once you sell a cheap one ask the board for increase. Will increase it to 50%. Thank god for small mercies.


    Next post will be a player recommendation post.

    I will deffo come back to the Brazilian leagues with an evaluation of ATLETICO MINEIRO when I start a save with them.
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