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Sell: Mario Gotze 2nd season Beginning 50m Man City???
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  1. Sell: Mario Gotze 2nd season Beginning 50m Man City???

    Hi,Should I sell Mario Gotze for 50m Euros @ the Beginning of the Second Season to Man City?
    I have already Signed Dzagoev and Wellington Nem and also Sulejmani will join on 1/7/2012 along with many other new players like Llorente, Destro, among others.... (24 of them in total).
    Now What do I do abt this Gotze situation???
    Its an upfront payment deal by the Bastards City.
    I generally Play with a 4-2-3-1 Control as my primary tactic but will now have to change to a 2 striker formation as Llorente has been signed, so there wont be a place for Gotze as Attacking Mid and he will have to play Left if i decide to not sell him.....
    Please Help.............

  2. Keep, you can't get better for that money, u'll need Neymar. and why the hell have you bought fucking Dzagoev and Nem when u have Götze/Leitner/Gündogan/Reus etc. ?!

  3. Nem will be retrained to Rw Inside Forward so no problems with that.......Gundogan,Leitner will be Used as Cm More while Reus is my Rw currently.....So only Att mid left was Gotze and Dzagoev was available on a free so why miss out....

  4. Have Negotiated with Roma for Pjanic for 8m current 24m in 48 months Installment deal.....Should i sell gotze and sign Pjanic?

  5. Keep Gotze man, best AMC in the game imo
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  6. Gotze is one of the best players in the game so you wont get much better than him. Your team should be built around Gotze.

    Pjanic is good but no where near as good as Gotze.

  7. i sell him 3 season for 64 mil € to barca and my team dosent play any so good man really dont sell him he is the best player in bvb and maybe in game

  8. You're man city, you don't need the money but you do need the players.

  9. naa, and for people that didn't realize this is about 40million POUNDS

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Cai1234 View Post
    You're man city, you don't need the money but you do need the players.
    I m not City I m BvB and i m selling Gotze not buying him

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