France Tax Bug

  1. France Tax Bug

    After one season it seems that the tax rate in France as applied in the game changes drastically. From what seems like 45% to about 75%. This is either a bug or intentional based on tax policy in France. Has anyone else encountered this?

  2. that sounds craazy got to be a bug

  3. Just to put in context what I'm seeing.

    After one year of managing PSG, Ibrahimovic is listed as making 16.75million (US) and taking home 4.7 of that after tax. When I began the save he was listed as making 16.75 and taking home 9.5. It's like this for every player on my team.

  4. It's real. Hollande unveils tough new budget saving 30 billion euros from public expenditure | Mail Online

    Why the surprise? We (the UK) had a 98% top tax rate not too long ago under Labour.

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