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Can this absolute s*** laptop run fm13?

  1. Can this absolute s*** laptop run fm13?

    I couldn't even start the demo hahahah

    Acer AO Happy , 1GB , 320GB , 10.1 inch , Windows 7 Starter
    Model No : Acer Aspire One AO Happy
    CPU : Atom N455 (1.66Ghz)
    RAM : 1GB DDR3
    Hard Disk : 320 GB
    Optical Drive : No
    Screen Size : 10.1 LED

  2. I don't mind playing in 2D tbh!

  3. I think it would struggle to run the ZX Spectrum version of FM from the 80s tbh.
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  4. this will struggle

  5. I'd be surprised in all honesty. I'm running a Toshiba with 4gb of RAM and a 2.3ghz processor and I sometimes struggle, even with small databases. I don't think your laptop is designed to do much else other than your basic internet and word processing jobs, FM13 is a extremely memory hungry game.

  6. Try Minesweeper on low settings first.
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  7. I don't think many netbooks can run FM but you could try storing game files on an external hard drive with a fast transfer rate... although without an extra stick of ram that might not even do it for you and if you don't already have a good external then you might as well just buy a cheap desktop for like 500 bucks...

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