Which (Lower league) team has the most potential?

  1. Which (Lower league) team has the most potential?

    Im thinking fan base, stadium, money..-and don't give me Rangers!

  2. Rotherham united not bad. good squad new stadium 100k transfer budget not sure on wage pal

    wrexham not bad also cand chester in the bss i believe

  3. wimbeldon gogo!!!!

  4. im bournmouth on course to get promoted in my first season with them got a few prem players on loan

  5. Aren't Crawley backed by a rich chairman?

  6. Monaco are loaded with cash but if it is just for england nottingham forest or leeds when the new update is out

  7. I started my game in Spain with Cordoba they have a decent squad but lack everything else but I got Champo Lge inside 3 years and Im about to mount my title challenge in the upcoming 5th season... Numancia are a decent option they have top training facilities...
    Crewe are a team Id consider in England just for the youth prospects...
    Theres always Villareal too they are a pretty big team at least 3 or 4 seasons ago anyway...

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