Can't Loan Players??

  1. Can't Loan Players??

    I'm playing as Las Palmas, recently promoted to La Liga. I have found that 'loan player' is not listed as an option under make an offer for any player, even if they are loan listed. Does anyone know why this is? Really frustrating since I'm a smaller team and getting some players on loan is really key.

  2. YES. thank you for posting so that I know i'm not alone.
    I am a lower level Italian club and I have this issue to. Just started happening my third season.

    Please post on the official siga games forum. there is a thread for this: Sports Interactive Community

    the admins say they are working on the issue.. whatever that may mean. but i want more people who experience this issue to post so that they know it's a big problem!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have also experienced this, it went after a little while... i sooo didnt get it....

  4. Yep getting the same thing. Second season and can't loan anyone.

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