Negotiating contracts???

  1. Negotiating contracts???

    So I'm now heading to Christmas in 2019 and playing as Newcastle. Now the club doesn't make huge amounts of money so I'm always having to be sensible with my wage budget but it seems players are wanting more and more money from me on contracts.

    Even poor/back up players are wanting 70k plus which is rediculous.

    Best example is some fairly promising nigerian player. Wanted 75k and wouldn't accept anything less, i finally take a stand and won't offer him it but then offer 55kish which he rejects and then accepts 35k from everton.

    Anyone had joy with decent negotiations?

  2. Add a higher goalbonus, Seasonal landmark goal bonus and a release clause, and they'll accept much lower wages.

  3. Give defenders high goal bonus. Doing that lets you lower their wages

  4. OK will try that.

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