Bit of Help with this tactic I created?

  1. Bit of Help with this tactic I created?

    I won the league and FA Cup in my first season with Arsenal, using about 6 or 7 different tactics (Which I created myself, I don't download/use other people's tactics!) but I went and deleted the most effective one by accident

    Anyway, I created a new one during pre-season, taking inspiration from the classic Argentina sides of the 1960/80's, basically it is a 4-3-3 focused around the playmaker -In this case Cazorla.

    However I noticed whilst the attack is fairly good (Still need to train my team with it more!) my defense is very shaky!
    In terms of defence, I based that on how Arsenal defended at the start of the season -Getting almost everybody back to crowd my own third, and let them pass it around till they make a mistake.

    However, my two fullbacks -the Left one especially- aren't doing what I wanted them to. I planned on my team basically making two lines of 4, with the two fullbacks just outside the area. However they are both going too narrow, giving the opponents as much room as they want down the wings -which is how I conceded ALL my goals so far!

    So can someone please help me with the team/player instructions to help me with this (Screenshots below!)


    Bit of Help with this tactic I created?-2012-12-01_00001.jpgBit of Help with this tactic I created?-2012-12-01_00002.jpgBit of Help with this tactic I created?-2012-12-01_00003.jpgBit of Help with this tactic I created?-2012-12-01_00004.jpgBit of Help with this tactic I created?-2012-12-01_00005.jpg

  2. Oh s**t I posted it in the wrong place. Can an admin please delete this for me or something? Thanks (And sorry!!!)

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