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Starting with wolves any advice?

  1. Starting with wolves any advice?

    Hey guys starting a wolves save and idea who i should sign and sell

    Add me via steam: Thegamingnerd1019
    or leave a little mesg here!

  2. get leigh griffiths back from loan if you can.

  3. haha kk ill see

  4. I'm wolves first season Doyle got me a lot of goals and so did Ebanks. Also Johnson and Berra have been solid till my fourth season where I have just won champions league and premiership but regens are coming through but are better than Johnson now plus he's 33. Keep ward. Henry and doumbia are solid in middle with pennant on wing. Sell Jamie Ohara he's lost it, get new keeper and left wing.
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  5. ok ill give it ago can i see ur tactic?

  6. also pennant from stoke?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by eat260 View Post
    ok ill give it ago can i see ur tactic?
    I messaged you back plus yes pennant from stoke quite quick great crosser

  8. Kevin Doyle is top-scorer in the premier league, second season (I am Arsenal though, Doyle is still at Wolves) so definatly need to focus attacks through him.

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